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Posted: April 19 2009 4:19pm - Post no. in this thread: 1

so i just moved into the new place and getting ready to catch up on naruto, being the junky that i am, and i saw this Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. their on the thrid episode.   haven't watched yet but was wondering has anyone heard of this is it old or new? well i will be watching after or in between my naruto/ one piece marathon and let everyone know whats up. side note still haven't started watching bleach ik ik what the fuck am i waiting for. well its starts real slow but ima get into.

ps miss u all
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Posted: April 21 2009 3:50pm - Post no. in this thread: 2

we miss you too!

sad to say that i havent been keeping up with any anime as of late. but ratone has been fo sho.

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Posted: April 30 2009 5:38pm - Post no. in this thread: 3

damn man, where the hell have you been?!

Im gonna go ahead and suggest this to you:


That site has alot of Naruto/Bleach but check this one out:


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